Building websites and apps is a passion!

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Know Me.

I went to school for Computer Science and graduated from Fort Hays State University in August 2020.
I have since went full force into being a freelance web developer. I can program in various languages intended for websites and web applications.
While I don’t have a plethora of work in my portfolio you can trust me to get the job finished, designed properly, and done on time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Freelance Web Developer.

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In my spare time I’m an amateur photographer as well the photo above was taken for a consumerism project.

Work Experience.

I’ve designed over 25 websites and 2 web applications.


Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design 2018

Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science 2020

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.

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I have been to numerous countries and plan to continue traveling throughout the world.


Favorite Books: Bourne Series


Movie buff you name it I’ve seen it!


I love every form of music but Rock n Roll is my favorite!